2011 Western District Conference

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Beyond today's economic changes, the culture, strategy, and tactics of public relations are changing right before our eyes. The days of the "specialist" are quickly waning and yet we all need to be on the cutting edge of everything.

At the same time, we must stay true to the classics and core principles that make public relations what it's all about: relationships multi-directional communications, solid tactical skills, ethical and legal considerations and more.

The 2011 Western District Conference was a veritable PR Renaissance with renewed interest. Classic learning and values that define the next era of public relations thinking.

The amazing speaker lineup included:

  • Ken Rudin, Political Editor, NPR
  • Richard Laermer, author of Punk Marketing and Full Frontal PR and editor of the Bad Pitch Blog
  • Donovan Robertson, Lead Brand Evangelist, Zappos.com
  • Karen Wickre, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, Google
  • Randy Snow, Chief Strategic Officer, R&R Partners
  • Cathy Tull, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Presentation Materials

We're pleased to provide you with links to many of the presentations from the conference, including: